AeroEagle Posa Tubi Torino


LK2 AroEagle is the Abrasion Resistant Overwrap which provides superior mechanical protection and excellent performance against impact, gouge, scarring and fracture during pipeline installation and/or horizontal direction drillings, boring and microtunneling.

AroEagle is the right solution to protect with a sacrificial laminate your field joint coatings or mainline coatings (FBE, 3LPE, 3LPP, epoxies, sleeves and tapes): it consists of a fiberglass fabric, supplied in different thicknesses/sizes, impregnated with MDI based polyurethane resin which cures once activated by water (MCU).



AroEagle is designed and produced inside our facility and can be manufactured to fit exactly your application. Width, thickness and rolls length can be customized accordingly to specific requirements(ex: longer and wider rolls can be produced for factory application in pipes productions facilities).